About NADSP Membership

NADSP Membership encompasses a national movement to elevate the status of Direct Support Professionals by establishing an interconnected network of DSPs, Frontline Supervisors, self-advocates, family members, human service organizations, healthcare professionals, social workers, statewide groups, national associations, and more. By joining NADSP, you will have direct and exclusive access to information, resources, tools, and training to improve the knowledge and skill set of the DSP workforce, and the quality of life for people receiving services. This national movement will also work together to help educate policymakers and legislators about the importance of high quality human services.

Benefits of NADSP Membership

  • Access the members-only section of NADSP website where you can view archived webinars, download the Code of Ethics screensaver, read past issues of the Frontline Initiative, and more
  • Participate in monthly ‘Learning Annex’ webinars covering a variety of topics for professional development. Webinars are recorded and archived for viewing at a later date if you are unable to attend the “live” webinar.
  • Attend monthly ‘Let’s Talk’ webinars, which explore timely and critical topics in human services, in a candid and conversational style. Webinars are recorded and archived for viewing at a later date if you are unable to attend the “live” webinar.
  • Receive E-Blasts with information about NADSP events, presentations, and other opportunities
  • Support an organization that elevates the status of Direct Support Professionals
  • Obtain discounted rates for the annual NADSP Conference
  • Obtain 10% discounted rates for NADSP Training activities
  • Highlight your organizational logo and website link on NADSP website
  • Receive an organizational discount on the E-Badge Academy

Membership Types

Both individuals and organizations can take advantage of the benefits of NADSP Membership, through a variety of different membership types.

Individual Membership – $10

Direct Support Professionals, Frontline Supervisors, self-advocates, and family members

Provider Organization Membership – $500 – $3,000

Human service organizations that employ Direct Support Professionals

  • Level One – $500 (employ 1 – 50 DSPs)
  • Level Two – $1,000 (employ 51 – 200 DSPs)
  • Level Three – $2,000 (employ 201 – 500 DSPs)
  • Level Four – $3,000 (employ 500+ DSPs)

Affiliate Membership – $200

Organizations that do not employ Direct Support Professionals

Sponsoring Membership – $2,000

National, regional, and statewide organizations, associations, businesses, and stakeholders

Other Membership types – $50

Social workers, administrators or healthcare professionals

Membership Term Conditions

(This schedule applies to Organization Membership only)

  • The NADSP Membership year starts on January 1st annually, and ends on December 31st of the same year for all members.
  • We encourage organizations to join throughout the year and have the following system for those that join mid-year:
    • If you join from January 1st through May 31st, you will pay the full membership rate,
    • If you join from June 1st through October 31st, you will pay at a 50% reduced rate (the rates reflected on the website during that time will reflect the 50% discount)
    • If you join during November or December, you will have their memberships extended through the following year, free from charge.

This application requires online payment. If you do not wish to pay online, you can download a membership application (PDF) to complete and submit by mail.