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Frontline Initiative is a newsletter published since 1996 that covers issues important to direct support professionals and supervisors who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other disabilities in a variety of community settings. Each features issue contains resources, perspectives, and strategies to advance the profession of direct support. Examples of topics covered in Frontline Initiative are person-centered practices, trauma-informed care, and DSP recognition.


Choice, Direction, and Control (2017)

Person-Centered Practices (2017)

Trauma-Informed Care (2015)

Social Capital (2014)

DSP Recognition (2013)

Dual Diagnosis (2013)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (2013)

Later Life Supports (2012)

Healthcare (2012)

Code of Ethics (2012)

Working with Families (2011)

DSPs and Technology (2011)

Employment Supports (2010)

State Chapter Development (2009)

Spirituality (2009)

DSP Recognition (2008)

Credentialing (2007)

Workforce Development (2006)

DSP Perspectives (2006)

Supporting and Networking with Families (2005)

Aging (2004)

Documentation (2004)

Coping with Disaster (2003)

Legislative Advocacy (2002)

Changing Roles (2002)

Ethics (2001)

Teamwork (2001)

Credentialing (2000)

Diversity (2000)

Tribute to John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1999)

Complex Needs (1999)

Self-Determination (1999)

International Issue (1999)

Professionalism (1998)

Stress and Burnout (1998)

Communication (1998)

Change (1998)

Training (1997)

Relationships (1997)

Premier Issue (1996)

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