The NADSP E-Badge Academy

get credit for competency.

NADSP E-Badge Academy

The NADSP E-Badge Academy offers DSPs the ability to earn electronic badges as a way to demonstrate the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills, and values. A number of E-Badges fall under the Accredited Education category, which involves professional development through knowledge-based training. DSPs can acquire these E-Badges by participating in NADSP Webinars, attending NADSP Conferences, experiencing NADSP on-site trainings, and learning form NADSP Accredited Curricula.

 Accredited Education E-Badges


NADSP E-Badge Academy Accredited Education for 10hrs
10 Hours of
Accredited Education


NADSP E-Badge Academy Accredited Education for 25hrs
25 Hours of
Accredited Education


NADSP E-Badge Academy Accredited Education for 50hrs
50 Hours of
Accredited Education


NADSP E-Badge Academy Accredited Education for 100hrs
100 Hours of
Accredited Education


Earning Accredited Education E-Badges

DSPs will submit their transcript, through the online NADSP E-Badge Academy. This demonstration of education and training can be shared by uploading evidence through Credly, which will then be reviewed by the NADSP E-Badge Committee. For accredited education, such as participation in the NADSP Learning Annex or Let’s Talk Webinars, click here for the form to complete and upload.   Upon approval, the DSP an email notification as well as E-Badge in their NADSP E-Badge Academy folio.

Credit Criteria

The same Credit Criteria apply to all Accredited Education E-Badges, and include guidance, information, and limitations for earning E-Badges.

  • For these E-Badges, you must upload a transcript (or other documentation) of the completion of the desired number of hours of training in an NADSP-accredited curriculum for Direct Support Professionals.
  • Unlike most other badges, no testimonial is required is required for the Accredited Education E-Badges.
  • All badge submissions become property of NADSP, and may be used in future NADSP business operations.

Credit Descriptions

These E-Badges are associated with the Education, Training and Self-Development competency.

By earning the desired number of hours of Accredited Education, you will demonstrate the following:

  • The competent DSP completes required training education/certification, continues professional development, and keeps abreast of relevant resources and information.


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