DSP-Specialist - Positive Behavioral Support

dsp-s-pbsThe DSP-Specialist in Positive Behavior Support credential (DSP-S-PBS) recognizes competence in ways to support people who have challenging behaviors.These specialists are skillful in strategies that are safe, fair, compassionate, person-centered and effective in preventing and reducing problem behaviors.

Required elements:

  1. Must be a DSP-Certified II;
  2. Approved continuing education in positive behavior support (40 hours);
  3. Portfolio work sample that demonstrates competence in behavior support;
  4. Proof of one year continuous work with an individual who displays challenging behavior; and
  5. Letter from employer in support of competence and professional integrity in the area of positive behavior support.

Recognized award:

  1. Officially embossed certificate that identifies them personally as a DSP- Specialist in Positive Behavior Support;
  2. Lapel pin that says “Direct Support Professional – Specialist;” and
  3. Personalized letter from NADSP congratulating them on their achievement.

Fee: $100

Re-certification: In order to maintain DSP-Specialist in Positive Behavior Support status the DSP must be re-certified every two years. The re-certification process requires:

  1. Re-certification of the DSP-Certified credential;
  2. Proof of completion of 5 hours of continuing education in positive behavior support;
  3. Re-affirmation of commitment to the NADSP Code of Ethics

Fee: $50

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